Savage-Prior Lake TreeHouse


6210 W 135th St.  Savage, MN 


TreeHouse Support Group

Weekly, we create a safe space for teens to talk about what's really going on in their lives. Through Support Group, teens get to practice vulnerability and receive support from peers and trusted adults.  Group meets every Tuesday evening!  Our small group atmosphere is led by trained staff, beginning the evening with a free meal at 6:30 pm, program at 7 pm. Transportation is  provided upon request.

TreeHouse Connect Group

We gather a second time each week to intentionally learn more about our God-given purpose. These times are designed to help teens develop the spiritual and personal life skills needed to grow into healthy adults. This is a time for students to dig deeper into the challenging issues that hit home for them.   We begin the evening with free dinner at 6:30 meal, 7 pm program.   We meet  on Thursday evenings at Bridgewood Church. Transportation is also available upon request.

Mentoring and Growth Groups

When a teen joins TreeHouse, they have the opportunity to get connected with an adult mentor.  Through this, teens get dedicated face to face time with a safe, caring, adult who serves as a consistent presence and a voice of love in their life. This is usually off-site and helps build relationships that offer support and accountability. 

Growth Groups are hosted throughout the year, small groups of teens and staff focus on customized topic area like anger, self-harm, leadership, and forgiveness - creating a space for discussion and learning.

Also...Trips & Activities!   These events are opportunities for teens to have fun, learn about themselves and connect with community.  Such things as sporting events, service projects, social activities and retreats.